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Come see what our amazing content creators are doing.
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Official Advertisers

Come see what our amazing content creators are doing.

Milkyway's Official Advertisers

Saw a funny hacker on tiktok and wanted to see more? or maybe you wanted to see what is possible with our trainers? If so, you are in the right place!

Cardi B

Cardi B is one of our most infamous content creator. If you've ever seen videos of DBD Hackers chances are you've seen him before.
Standing at over 10,000 followers and having made videos on tiktok for over a year now. You can find his videos over on TikTok/@NotTheHackingDwight.


Just like our previous content creator rare are the people that haven't seen Lyrically in a video or two. Triving on making people laugh by any means.
Closing in at nearly 10K followers be sure to follow him on his TikTok/@LyricallyMW.


Mostly focusing on humiliating killers by outplaying them using a variety of hacks, Lemonade will for sure make you crack up laughing at how helpless the killers truly are.
Being a new creator be sure to give them some love over on their TikTok/@Lemonadedbd.


Yoyo is the place to go if you want to see killers getting punished and survivors carried. Through all means available to him he will make sure everyone has a good time except the killer.
Make sure to give them some love over on TikTok/@JoshuaDBD.


R1miner also known as "dbd cheese" over on youtube, mix live streaming and montage type videos he will for sure make you laugh.
He also allows his viewers to play with him on occasion so be sure to subscribe to his Youtube Page.

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