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  • There are various people out there who are trying to pretend to be someone from our staff, but in fact they're not. Please be wary of scammers, compare their ids with our staff list: CLICK
  • In order to make a purchase, you must register on our forum. Invitation code is optional.

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Since a lot of post are about the same questions lets answer them properly.

  • How do I join the discord server?
    Simply register on the forum using your discord and the bot will invite you to the server. If you left on any occasion, you need to re-attach your discord account in account settings, this way the bot will make you join our server.

  • It asks me for a referral code when I try to register. How do I get one?
    The referral code is only a way for your friend to invite you. It is not required. If you do not have one leave it blank.

  • Do you offer lifetime license?
    No. There is no guarantee that the software wont be patched or that the game will still remain the way it is in a few years. So we do not offer it.

  • I can't purchase the products on the website how do I fix it?
    Some purchases are currently on the discord so: Join the discord server and open a ticket. We will help you make your purchase.

  • How do I buy milkycoins?
    Open a ticket at the discord server or use automatic stripe payment at the website.

  • What payment method do you accept?
    Stripe & Cash app (In discord)

  • Can I use the trainer with X other trainer?
    Sure if it works. We do not offer any support for that if you face a problems though.

  • Do you have discount code?

You have a question and it wasn't part of those? Join our discord we'll be sure to help you out.
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